What Women Find Most Attractive in a Man

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What Women Find Most Attractive in a Man
by James Greenier

Being attractive goes beyond having a certain look. You don’t have to be a movie star or millionaire to be attractive to women. There are plenty of ways regular guys can make themselves more attractive to women. Here is a complete rundown of some things women find most attractive in men.

Chivalry. It may be a lost art to some, but chivalry goes a long way with women. Remember to open the car door for her or any other door for that matter. Always let her order first when you go out, even if it is just for drinks. When you are out to dinner, don’t start eating before she does. When picking up a woman, always walk up to her door before and after a date. Picking up the tab on a date is also an act of chivalry. It’s never a good thing to ask a woman to pull out her purse when the check comes.

Stability. Okay, so lots of women like to have a one-time fling with a bad boy. But the bad boy is not the one she dreams of settling down with. Women like a man who stands on solid ground. That means having a steady job, a decent place to live and enough money to where you are not making her pay for dinner.

No fear of affection. Too many guys try to be way too macho. Don’t be afraid to hold her hand, offer her a kiss or put your arm around her. Now, don’t take it too far by smothering her. But you can show her you are not afraid of being a little touchy-feely. That doesn’t mean swallowing her tongue at dinner, but an unexpected kiss just because ‘she is beautiful’ will go a long way.

Compliments with depth. These kind of compliments go a little beyond ‘you are pretty.’ Pick something out about a woman and compliment her on it. Tell her you really like the way she tells a story, tell her you like the way she laughs, tell her that some unusual habit of hers is very cute. By pointing out something not so obvious and complimenting her on it, you will appear as someone who looks at more than just her physical features. You will appear as someone who sees and appreciates her wholly.

Passion. No woman wants a relationship without passion. You can put passion into the way you talk, the way you kiss, the way you see the world. Without passion, a man can be pretty boring. So don’t be that monotone guy who does not get excited about anything. Show her you you are passionate about life and she will see you as much more attractive.

A busy schedule. A guy with a lot going on is exciting. If you tell a woman that you spend most of your nights staring at the television because you have nothing else to do, chances are she will not be too impressed. But if you are able to tell her that your daily schedule is jam packed, it will pique her interest. Show her you are in demand. But don’t be too busy for her. Tell her you will always make time for her by putting other things on hold. By having a busy schedule, a guy becomes more exciting.

Spontaneity. The same routine gets boring an old. Don’t be afraid to do something totally unexpected at a moment’s notice. It will show that you have a daring side. If you are out on a date with a woman, pick out something totally random to do. Don’t even plan it. Just let it come to you and go out and do it. Show her that you don’t need a month to plan something out and you are willing to go with the flow. You don’t have to wait for a date to be spontaneous. Do it while with friends or even by yourself. Spontaneity will always paint you as a more attractive person.

Kindness. You don’t have to be Mother Theresa, but you also don’t have to make fun of everyone you see. See the good in people and women will see the good in you. There are always lots of women who claim to be searching for a nice guy. Kindness is a good start to getting a woman to think highly of you.

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What Women Find Most Attractive in a Man
Confidence and dating guru James Greenier discusses what women find most attractive in a man and how to attract hot, single and young women.