Ways To Boost Your Confidence With Women

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Ways To Boost Your Confidence With Women
by James Greenier

Your level of confidence with women is not set in stone. If your confidence level is low, it can always be built up. There are ways to make yourself more confident with women. There are simple things you can do to turn yourself into someone women talk about. You can finally be the one receiving stares from across the room. Here are some helpful ways to improve your confidence with women.

Build yourself up. Even if you do not grace the cover of GQ, you can still be considered a catch. You may be kind, you may be loyal or you may be a good listener. These are all qualities women look for in a man. Remind yourself of all your good qualities. These qualities are actually what women want. Stop selling yourself short. Look past the the little things you may not like about yourself and focus on your good qualities.

Don’t be intimated by a woman’s beauty. For all you know, that beauty may be skin deep. A beautiful woman may look like she has it all together, but she could be a complete mess on the inside. Her worries about herself could very well be 100 times greater than your worries about yourself. Don’t let good looks shake your confidence. She is a person just like you, with fears, worries and doubts.

Relax. When you are talking to a woman, don’t be so worried about how the conversation is going. Just let it flow. If you are uptight an nervous about saying the wrong thing, chances are you probably will. Women are very attracted to good conversation and good conversation begins with confidence. By relaxing, you will initiate a more natural flow and make women feel more at ease. And if you are very worried about saying the wrong thing, don’t speak so much. Listen. Women always love a man who listens.

Date more than one woman. It is not cheating, it’s dating. By having multiple dates over the course of a week, you will automatically feel more desirable. Don’t hesitate to set up more than one date a week with different women. It will also give you practice on what to do and, more importantly, what not to do.

Make it a point to learn. When you say something that doesn’t sit well with a woman, remember it. And when you come off as charming, remember that too. One of the best things about dating is that allows for trial and error. Just make sure to remember what worked and what didn’t work. The more things start working for you, the more confidence you will carry into each date.

Overcome your fear. You could have the best approach all planned out, but fear could step in and shatter it in a matter of seconds. However, you have to stop and ask yourself, ‘why am I afraid?’ Rejection won’t bring you any harm. And nothing good ever comes without having to take a chance. So take that chance and speak to that woman with confidence. Don’t let fear get in your way. The word ‘no’ cannot hurt you.

Take charge. Women want a strong man. That doesn’t mean you have to bench press 300 pounds. That means you should be decisive. When planning a date, pick out the restaurant. Plan things out carefully. It will endear you and show a woman that you are not afraid to make decisions. Now, do not overdue it by ordering her entire meal for her. But make it a point to show her you are not hesitant to be a leader. Woman are often attracted to power and power can be attained by showing that you are a strong-minded decisive man.

Look your best. There is a certain pride that comes with appearance and most women take the time to notice every little detail. Take the time make sure your clothing is the right fit for the occasion. Stop by the salon or barber shop and get a haircut. Make sure you are well groomed, trim your nails, shine your shoes and douse some cologne on before you leave. When you look good, you feel good. And if you look in the mirror and like what you see, your confidence is going to soar.  

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Ways To Boost Your Confidence With Women
James Greenier explains ways to boost your confidence with women so you can improve your dating and sex life dramatically.