How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Younger Women as You Get Older

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How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Women as You Get Older
by James Greenier

All guys are eventually going to fall victim to the incurable disease of age. Like it or not, we are all going to get older. The popular myth of looking your best in your twenties is not at all accurate. But don’t fret. As you age, there are plenty of ways to make yourself more attractive to women.

Embrace your age

Not every woman wants to be with a man who is in his early twenties. Men have the advantage of becoming more dignified with age. The first signs of gray hair cause many men to panic. But don’t. Instead, embrace your specks of gray. Women of all ages are seeking out a man with maturity. In the eyes of many women, spots of gray are not a sign that a man is getting older. They are a sign that he is getting more refined.

Add a personality to your physique

With age comes the deterioration of muscle mass. It is a fact of science. No matter how hard you work out, sooner or later that six pack is going to turn into a case. So when your muscles start to deflate, what is left? Women may be initially attracted to looks, but looks can only take a guy so far. Try adding a little intellect, humor and thoughtfulness in between your workouts. In the end, it will help build a better all-around you, one that is built to last.

Stop longing for the past

Okay, so fifteen years ago you looked like a chiseled Adonis. But  that lookleaves you a little more each day. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with what you see in the mirror today. So stop using photos from the you of fifteen years ago as your profile pic. There is nothing worse than a guy who lives in the past. The ‘remember when’ stories are good once in a while, but constant reminiscing is a big turnoff. If you constantly share stories of what happened fifteen years ago, women will sense that you are unhappy with the current version of you.

Become better in bed

If may not be as easy as other ways of making you more attractive. But an attentive man makes a better lover. Learn what your woman likes. Don’t hesitate to ask her. Then, when the time comes, put in the extra effort. There are plenty of things you can do to satisfy her in bed. It is up to you to figure out what works best. That can be learned by asking questions, reading tutorials, watching videos and even trial and error. Romance, spontaneity and adventure are also a few things you could use to spice it up in the bedroom.

Do something with that thinning hair

A lot of men cannot escape baldness. For some, it starts in their early twenties. One way to counteract balding is to go with a shaved head. Many women find that look attractive. One glimpse up at the silver screen evidences how well it works for movie stars. But if you refuse to let go of your last remaining follicles, there is always the option of hair plugs, wigs, or hair in a can. Most times, those methods are easy to spot and you wind up looking like someone who won’t accept his maturity. The best method may be to shave your head or invest in a very extensive hat collection.

Stop looking to rob the cradle

There is nothing wrong with an older man dating a younger woman. But as you age, try to find places to hang out that more appropriately suited for you. For example, don’t be that 44-year old guy in a bar filled with 20-year olds. Most times, it just looks creepy. There is nothing worse than an old bachelor who doesn’t realize he is not twenty-one anymore. The good news is there is plenty of single attractive women closer to your age. You just need to find out where they go and then let the fun begin.

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How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Younger Women as You Get Older
Dating Coach James Greenier offers some pointers on how to make yourself more attractive to younger women as you get older.