How to Make Women Hot For You

Boost Her Attraction

How to have confidence talking to women

How to Make Women Hot For You
by James Greenier

Most guys would probably pay millions of dollars for a secret formula that makes women hot for them. However, all the ingredients for that magic formula are already right there at your disposal. There are plenty of easy and free ways to make women hot for you.

Be a Romantic. Being romantic does not have to involve sex. Being romantic could be doing something simple. Light some candles, buy her some flowers, cook for her. Being romantic means showing her you think she is special. You can do that by going out of your way to create something special. Plan a picnic in the park, go somewhere nice to watch the sunset or surprise her with her own personal massage. Do something out of the ordinary to make her feel special and she will love you for it.

Make comments that count. You can talk to her all day long, but a few simple sentences can make her gush. When she is telling you something, stop her and tell her you really enjoy listening to her. Add in a compliment like ‘you are so interesting.’ You can do this multiple times and insert different compliments. Ask her about her day and make it a point to listen. Adding a comment about something she said in a previous conversation will also show her you pay attention and value what she says.

Exude confidence. Even if you are unsure about yourself, don’t let it show. Stand tall, speak proudly and always look people in the eye. Women enjoy being with a man who is sure of himself. That starts by having a belief in yourself. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. You can improve your confidence by always speaking up, no matter what the situation. That way, when the time comes to talk to women, you will have no reservations about opening your mouth. Being a leader and not a follower also shows extreme confidence. March to the beat of your own drum.

Be mysterious. One way to do that is to be a bit unpredictable. Suggest you and your lady do something completely out of the ordinary. Stray from your normal routine. Guys who do the same thing each day and talk about the same topics quickly become boring. And don’t be in a rush to tell her everything about yourself. Leave some things left unsaid. It will arouse her curiosity and make you much more appealing. She will want to uncover the mystery that is you.

Be witty. The perfect combination would be to combine intelligence and humor. Women love a smart man and they also love a man who can make them laugh. If you can impress them with both, you can become irresistible. Keep in mind that humor should not be the kind you hear in a locker room. Study up and become a little more worldly. Also have a few humorous remarks ready to go. If you can be witty with humor and intelligence, the sky is the limit to how attractive you can become.

Put some thought into it. In this case, it could mean anything. It could mean your next date, it could mean the card you unexpectedly give her for no reason. It can also mean a spontaneous excursion. The more thought and effort you put into a woman, the more she will look at you with adoration.

Kiss her. Don’t make it just a peck on the cheek. Put some passion into it. Women love passion and one way to make you hot in her eyes is by oozing passion. Now, kisses do not have to be in full view of 100 people. Pick your moment. And remember not to grope her while your are kissing. That will make it seem like you are only kissing her out of sheer lust. A kiss when she least expects it will also go a long way and let her know she is desirable.

Be dominant. That does not mean telling her what to do and acting like a dictator. It means being in control and showing her that you are a strong man. Even if it is subconsciously, women are attracted to dominance. Make sure to be assertive but not overly aggressive.

Be classy. Sophistication can make a woman fall for you instantly. You don’t have to be the smartest man in the world, but a little knowledge can go a long way. Remember that when you are with her, your comments should differ from the ones you make when you are out with your buddies. You can show sophistication through speech, style and manners. Speak a little bit better, dress a little nicer and conduct yourself in an appropriate way.

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