How to Initiate Conversation With a Woman You Just Met

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How to Initiate Conversation With a Woman You Just Met

How to Initiate Conversation With a Woman You Just Met 
by James Greenier

So you’ve just met a woman and now you want to continue talking to her. What should you say? There are plenty of ways to break the ice and here’s a list of things you can do to get the conversation flowing.

Ask for her expertise. Simply ask her a question that a woman would likely know the answer to? Ask her about style. Ask her about relationships. Ask her about any kind of current trend. Women usually enjoy having someone listen to their opinions. Ask her opinion and actually listen as she gives it to you. You could start off by saying, “I have been hearing about this but I’m not sure what to think. Can you give me your honest opinion?” As long as your question is not bland or boring, most women are likely to start talking.

Say hello. You don’t need some cheesy pick-up line to start talking to women. Sometimes, the best approach is a simple, honest one. Say hello and introduce yourself. You can follow up your hello with something as simple as “How is your day going?” Or “You look like an interesting person and I would love to hear more about what you did today.” Those are simple, honest questions. But before you ask them, you must first say hello.

Cheers to you. A lot of couples wind up meeting in a bar or nightclub. One way to initiate that meeting is to raise your glass and offer her a simple cheers. Most women will not refuse. Once you both take a sip, there comes the perfect  opportunity to start talking. After that sip, you can say something like “so what are you drinking?” or “was your day better than mine?” That moment following your ‘cheers’ is the perfect chance to open up a conversation.

Find a topic of conversation. Wherever you are, look around and find something that sticks out. It could be someone wearing an obnoxious outfit, someone whose had too much to drink or something that stands out about the decor. Whatever it is, point it out to her and comment on it. Chances are, she will return with a comment of her own. Make sure it is not something too simple like cracked piece of wallpaper or a blue tie someone is wearing. That will seem like you are trying a little too hard and probably turn her off.

What’s going on in the world. Current events are a great way to break the ice. You can bring up a popular topic in the news. Pop culture is always a popular one. You could always point out someone close by and compare them to another person who is currently making headlines. Stay away from ordinary topics like the weather. Show her you have a little savvy about what is going on in the world and it could wind up leading to a lengthy conversation.

Start betting. Approach her and tell her “You know what I like to do when I go out? I like to bet.” She will likely look at you peculiarly so you must already have a bet in mind. Immediately bet her on something going on wherever you are. You can bet her that the guy across the bar will get shot down by the woman he is hitting on. Bet her that she will forget your name in the next hour. Look around for anything you can bet on and it make a friendly wager. That has a good chance of springing conversation to life.

Come to her aid. This can be done in one of two ways but it involves another person hitting on her. When you can see that a guy is failing miserably while hitting on her, you have two choices. The first is go up and save her. Act like you know her. Approach her and say something like, “Hey, after you left work today, Johnson came in with some big news. I have to tell you about it but it’s kind of top secret.” That will usually prompt the other guy to leave. You could also wait until the guy completely strikes out and then walk over to her and critique his performance.

Tell her a story. Have an interesting story in mind and offer it up to her. You could also use a joke. Make sure it is not boring or offensive. People like to be entertained and if you have an entertaining story or joke, lead off with it. It is a different approach and if you tell it right, it will get you off to a great start.

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