How to get Your Girlfriend Back

How to get Your Girlfriend Back

How to get Your Girlfriend Back
by James Greenier

So this time you finally did it. Your girlfriend is not just mad at you. She walked out the door and told you it’s over. But that doesn’t mean she is gone forever. She could soon be back in your life and you two could be on your way to living happily ever after. Here is a step-by-step method of how to win back your girlfriend.

Step one – Find the attraction

When you first met her, there was something about you that was attractive to her. Think back and remember those reasons. Now, think about why she left and what caused her to lose that attraction. It may have been because you didn’t listen or you didn’t show her enough attention or you were too controlling. Something you did, or didn’t do, caused her to lose her attraction towards you. The good news is that attraction can return. But first, you need to understand why the attraction was lost.

Step two – Stop over-analyzing

It is natural to want to tell anyone who will listen about your breakup. Talking about it more and more will cause you to start analyzing every little detail of your relationship. If she said she needs some time, stop trying to think of all the reason she needs time. It is usually just a cover-up anyway.  Don’t be one of those guys who dissects every tiny decision. Women are attracted to decisive men so stop over-analyzing your breakup and start working on re-establishing your attractiveness instead.

Step three – Stop being needy

Women are attracted to strong men who are not going to be a doormat. If you found yourself supplicating to the every whim of your ex-girlfriend, then you have the perfect answer as to why she left. Being needy also works in a way where you get too easily offended by something she said. Don’t be so sensitive to the point where it stirs up an argument. Work on being strong and confident instead of whiney and needy. It will go a long way towards getting her back.

Step Four – Don’t contact her

How can you win her back if you don’t don’t talk to her? Well, if she doesn’t hear from you at all, she will start to think you have moved on. Then, she will start to question whether or not she made the right decision. In the event she does contact you, don’t avoid her. Be polite. Act normal and do not flirt with her or talk about anything involving your relationship. This will cause her to start to wonder. She might even worry that you are with another woman. As hard as it may be not to text, email or call her, stop yourself. In the end, refraining from contact usually pays off.

Step Four – Make her want you

There are numerous ways to do this. One way is to start dating someone else. Women, like men, often want what they can’t have. If she hears that you are with another woman, it could make her jealous. Another way to make her want you is to improve yourself in every way you can. Go to the gym, buy some new clothes, style your hair in a new way. Attraction has a lot to do with the physical and a better looking you will catch her eye. You can also be evasive if she contacts you. Don’t be rude, but acting like your schedule is filled from morning to night will make you seem more intriguing.

Step Six – Reclaim center stage

In your life, you are the star. Many times, men let women take center stage . Go back to doing the things that make you happy. Focus on building a better you and be proud of that. It will enhance your confidence and make you much more attractive to her. And the next time you run into her, she’ll like what she sees.

Step Seven – Show yourself off

When a decent amount of time has passed, it will be time to show her the new you. Add a splash of new cologne and throw on a brand new outfit. It will be a sign of the new and improved you. Tell her the break up was for the best. Tell her you value her friendship and want to keep her in your life but are not up for a relationship. This will show that you still think highly of her, but you have not been affected by the breakup. The fact that you might be over her will not sit well with her. And if you continue to meet up with her and play this role, her attraction to you will almost assuredly return.

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How to get Your Girlfriend Back
How to get your girlfriend back by dating and confidence building coach James Greenier.