How to Get Your Ex Wife Back

Get Her Heart Back!

How to Get Your Ex Wife Back

How to Get Your Ex Wife Back
by James Greenier

Marriages end for all kinds of reasons. Some married couples are better off apart, but that is not true for everybody. There are plenty of men who want nothing more than to get back together with their ex-wife. If you fall into that category, here are some useful ways to make her say ‘I do’ one more time.

Say you’re sorry. No matter what happened between you and your ex-wife, apologize. You might not need to, but do it anyway. By apologizing, you are accepting your part of the blame for your failed marriage. You cannot move forward without a sincere apology.  There is no way to go back and change the past. But by owning up to your mistakes, you will show her that you are ready to move forward.

Don’t start dating. Marriages that come to an end are a little different from relationships that come to an end when two people are just dating. There is a more solid commitment that comes with marriage. You need to show her you take that commitment very seriously. If you are trying to win back an ex-girlfriend then dating is an option. However, it does not work the same when you are trying to win back an ex-wife. You need to show your ex-wife that you are devoted to her for the rest of your life. That all starts with fidelity. Show her she is the only woman for you by not even considering dating another woman.

Respect her emotions. Men’s and women’s emotions are not the same. Don’t always imagine how you would react to something if you were her. Because the reality is you have no idea how you would react if you were a woman. Women have their own set of emotions, some of which men can never relate to. For that reason, you need to respect how she reacts at all times. Be sympathetic and attentive to her emotional state, even if it may seem irrational to you.

Put your emotions on display. Dispel the myth that men who show their emotions are weak. Many women think otherwise. A lot of women spend years trying to draw emotions out of their men. Offering your emotions up to her is kind of like hitting a home run. Show your ex-wife that you are able to put your emotions on display and are also willing to do that for the rest of your life. But you can’t just say it. You have to actually show her emotion.

Build a better you. A marriage to the old you didn’t work. So what you will have to do is replace it with a new and better you. Go out and hit the gym. Treat yourself to a new hairstyle and invest in some new clothes. She will never complain about you looking better. Start acting friendlier to people. And when interacting with people, be more positive. Most people enjoy being around  a friendly, positive person and your ex-wife will too.

Use your advantages. Since you and your ex-wife were already married, you have the advantage of knowing her very well, probably better than most people. Use that knowledge to your advantage. You already know what makes her happy. Think of all the little things that make her smile. Write them down. Then, make it a point to do something to make sure you cover everything on that list. You have all the answers right in front of you. It is just a matter of going out and bringing those answers to life with some kind of action.

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How to Get Your Ex Wife Back
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