How to Get Your Ex Back

How to get your ex back

How to Get Your Ex Back
by James Greenier

It’s never too late for a second chance. When it comes to an ex-girlfriend, there is a reason why she fell for you in the first place. There is also a reason why she decided to break up with you. Understanding all of those reasons is the first step towards getting her back. It can be done and here are the best ways to make that happen.

Giver her space. Don’t call her up and start smothering her with questions like “What did I do wrong?” or “Why don’t you love me anymore?” You are not going to get her back overnight so you will need to have some patience. Persistent phone calls and unannounced visits right after your breakup reek of desperation. Show her that you are confident enough to get by on your own. Giver her a chance to cool off and remember some of the reasons she fell for you.

Concentrate on you. Take some time to enjoy your single life. Go out with the guys, date a few women or catch up on some things you have been neglecting. Creating a better you will improve your self-esteem and make you much more attractive. You can also think of it as training for the next time you run into your ex. Chances are, that she’ll be pleasantly surprised with the new and improved you.

Be objective about why she left. There are always two sides to every story, but we usually are limited to seeing only our own. Take a step back ane reexamine why she left. Don’t be afraid to be critical of yourself. Find out why you drove her away? Winning her back will only happen if you truly understand why she left. And if you can take an objective look and honestly say you did nothing wrong, then there may be no point in trying to win her back.

Get back in contact. Don’t do it right away. Let some time pass and then just ask her out for something simple, like coffee. Keep the conversation causal and don’t bring up the topic of getting back together. Be polite, respectful and, if at all possible, charming. By keeping it causal and not discussing your breakup or getting back together, you can generate a sudden sense of intrigue and mystery about yourself. All of the sudden, you are not a desperate ex-boyfriend but an alluring and available bachelor. Just remember to keep a casual tongue no matter how much you might want to talk about your relationship.

Remember your good points. Make a list of all your positive qualities and remember to write down everything your ex liked about you. Then, work on using and improving those qualities. If she enjoyed your intelligence, read another book. If she enjoyed your sense of humor, learn a few more humorous anecdotes. Be prepared to put those qualities to use the next time you see her. In the meantime, you can sharpen those qualities by going out on other dates.

Continue with casual. Contact her again for another meetup and repeat the previous step. By bringing out all your good qualities, she might start to remember why she fell for you in the first place. You might want to go in for a kiss and rekindle that union, but it is often better to refrain and leave her wanting a little more. Sometimes it is tough. But if you end your meeting early and politely take your leave, it will usually work to your advantage.

Time to act. When you feel as though you have made significant progress, come up with a final plan to get her back. Make it bold and make it big. This is the chance you have been waiting for so don’t hold back. That doesn’t mean begging and pleading, it means being the man she wants in her life. Learn from your mistakes, remember to act confident and don’t be afraid to speak from the heart. Womengenerally love it when men can express their emotions. Remind her that you are a better man, that you are moving forward and you want her to take that journey with you.

Remember the break up. Once you reconnect with her, your breakup will start to seem like a distant memory. But don’t let it go. Remember how you felt when she left. Remember what those days without her were like. That will prompt you to act in a way that will ensure she won’t walk out the door again. 

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How to Get Your Ex Back
An article on how to get your ex back after you have broken up with her or she has broken up with you to be with another guy or after cheating.