How to Get Women to Chase You

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How to have confidence talking to women

How to Get Women to Chase You
by James Greenier

Chasing women may seem like a hobby for most guys. But what if the shoe was on the other foot? What if you were the one being chased by women? Well, you don’t have to dream any longer. You can finally be the one being chased by following these simple steps.

Make a good first impression. There are plenty of things to avoid when trying to make a good first impression. You may be nervous, but do not let it show. It is a sign of weakness and insecurity. Stand tall and look her in the eye. Even if butterflies are flying through your stomach, try to look confident. Speak well and listen to her. You can try repeating her name in a conversation right after you just met. It will immediately let her know you pay attention. And if you are unsure of what to say, let her talk. Ask her a question about herself and listen.

Be challenging. Women love a challenge. Women can also sense desperation. If you seem needy, she is likely to dismiss you right away. Let her know you have a ton of stuff going on in your life. If you seem like a busy man, she will get the sense that you are in demand. You can also disagree with her on topics. Do it in a polite way, but don’t just go along with everything she says. Show her you are confident enough to speak your mind and challenge her views.

Make her laugh. Humor is an excellent aphrodisiac. If you can make her laugh, that will overcome a lot of your shortcomings. It will also lighten the mood and loosen her up. Don’t have a routine set up and try to be funny. Work on your humor and your delivery. When it is working, she will will seek you out.

Don’t sweat her. Attractive women usually have men falling at their feet. If you come across a woman who is constantly approached by men, don’t be another one of those guys. Speak to her politely but don’t overdue it. You can have a normal conversation without fawning all over her. Then, if you are feeling confident, look away every now and again. Showing that you are not like the rest of the guys will draw her to you. And when it comes to asking her out, interrupt yourself by saying ‘oh I can’t that night.’ Then think deeply and act as though you can squeeze her in another time.

Do a little back and forth. You don’t have to be all over her when you see her. In fact, you can  be a little aloof. But every now and then, drop a comment like ‘you showed up in my dream last night’ or ‘I thought about you earlier today.’ A well balanced dose of intriguing comments and a little aloofness will really make her chase you.

Make her want more. As much as you might want to be around her, your absence will make her grow fonder. If you are around her all the time and call incessantly, there is no anticipation of the next time you will be together. Remember that anticipation always heightens the moment. You can be the first to leave  and she will go home thinking how she can make you stay out a little later.

Stay away from the wrong questions. There are certain questions that are a complete turnoff. Some of those questions are as follows: What kind of guy do you normally like?  Do you have a boyfriend? Am I your type? What do you look for in a man? These are all quick ways to having her turn away and forget you ever existed.

Play hard to get. Guys are always chasing women. Flip the situation and let them chase you. One way to do this is to stop using pickup lines. Then, stop buying her drinks. Finally, stop following her around. Let her be the one that pursues you. Don’t call her all the time, let her call you instead. If there is a spark of interest, it start to build into a flame the more you play hard to get.

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How to Get Women to Chase You
How to get women to chase you to ensure that she will be attracted to you and want you even more by James Greenier, dating and confidence coach.