How to Boost Your Self Confidence

Confidence Comes From Within

How to Boost Your Self Confidence

How to Boost Your Self Confidence 
by James Greenier

Before anyone else can have confidence in you, you must first have confidence in yourself. Confidence plays such a critical part in dating. The more confident you are, the better you will being the art of dating. The good news is there are ways to boost your self confidence.

Use your mind. Women are very attracted to intelligence. Plus, it feels good when you can step into a conversation and know right away what is going on. Try picking up a book more often and losing yourself within its pages. You can also search the Internet for facts and stories on just about anything. There is power in knowledge and the more you learn, the more confident you will feel. And when speaking with a woman, you can confidently share your knowledge with her. To her, that knowledge will be endearing and to you it will be empowering.

Check your tongue. This is not a literal check up, but the idea of being mindful of what you say. There are over one million words in the English language. Men who continually use the same four-letter words not only seem a bit crude, but they may also seem a bit dumb. Eliminating curse words from your conversations will not only show a sense of refinement, but it will also show a sense of respect. There are plenty of opportunities over the course of a day to practice your conversational skills. Being cognizant of what you say will help you to express yourself better.

Be cool. It is not necessarily the traditional definition of cool. Remember, confidence is cool. You can be cool by listening. You can be cool by not shooting off your mouth every chance you get. You can be cool by being respectful, chivalrous and attentive.

Look them in the eyes. It may seem simple, but so many people’s eyes wander when they are engaged in a conversation. Looking someone in the eyes shows confidence. When talking to women, it will show not only strength, but it will also show that you are interested in them. It helps no matter who you are talking to. The more you look people in the eyes, the more it will help with your overall confidence.

Dress well. Your attire will always be judged no matter who you encounter. This especially rings true with women as they often inspect men from head to toe. With that in mind, it’s important to dress well. Knowing that you are dressed for the occasion will let you walk into any situation more confidently.

Get off the couch. How much time do you spend just staring at a television screen? That time could be much better spent in a variety of different ways. Get up and go to the gym. Go outside and wash your car. At the end of the day, the more you do, the better you will feel about yourself. Having a full agenda will also show you off as someone who takes life by the reins.

Show respect. People admire those who show respect. And the more respect you give, the more you will receive. There is something to be said for chivalry. It is something as simple as saying ‘thank you.’ Respect goes a long way with people from all walks of life. And the more respect you show, the more everyone will notice you.

Work on being grateful. Don’t be one of those people who always wants more. Remember that there are always people much worse off than you. Being grateful for all that you have and all that you are will lead to a much more endearing attitude. Along with that a good attitude comes confidence. Women gravitate towards men who know how to appreciate things. That all starts with being grateful for even the little things in your life.

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