How to Become a More Attractive Guy

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How to Become a More Attractive Guy
by James Greenier

Every guy always wants to look a little better and receive a few extra stares from passing women. We were all born a certain way so we cannot just go out and completely change the way we look.However, we can make ourselves more attractive to women. Here are some easy-to-follow steps that will help you become a more attractive guy.

Improve your posture. Standing up straight is one way to show women that you are a proud man. It also makes you look more dignified. It may even make you appear to be a little taller. Confidence is exuded when you show off good posture and it also shows that you are ready to welcome the approach of women.

Shed that excess hair. No, it doesn’t mean shave your entire body. But it does mean take care of the important parts. Trim your ear and nose hair regularly. Women do not want to stare at strands of hair sprouting from your nose and ears. Also, make sure your eyebrows do not look like two bushy caterpillars. If you have any kind of facial hair, make sure it is trimmed up nice and neat. You can also trim your chest hair so it doesn’t look like a bush is ready to pop out of your shirt. Waxing is also an option if you take of your shirt and hair is everywhere.

Be liberal with your cologne. Women are attracted to men who smell good. But if you overdo it with the cologne, it will have the adverse effect. Women rarely enjoy being around a man who smells like he took a bath in cologne. An extra special touch is dabbing some cologne behind your ear. In the event that a woman leans in close to tell you something, she will get a whiff of your premium scent. And don’t pinch pennies when buying cologne. The cheap stuff will not work to your advantage and it will be well worth it to buy a premium brand.

Lose your cockiness. Women are attracted to confidence, but do not mistake that with cockiness. You can be calm, cool and collected without having to broadcast it. There is often a fine line between confidence and cockiness. Stay on the confident side and you will be okay. Start shifting over to the cocky side and women will get turned off real quickly. Also remember to stay away from using too many I’s in your conversation. If you feel yourself using too many I’s, shift the conversation and ask a woman about herself. Using too many I’s will make you seem like you are too hung up on yourself.

Beard it up. To find the best look for your face, you might need to grow a light beard, goatee or some other kind of facial hair. Certain kinds of facial hair can bring out the symmetry in your face. For example, if you do not have a strong jawline, try playing with some different looks that give you a more pronounced jaw. Don’t be afraid to sift through the latest men’s fashion magazines to find a style that is right for you. Facial hair is also considered manly, but if you do not maintain it properly, it can make you less attractive.

Dress to fit you. This does not mean you need to buy a specific label of clothing. This means you need to find clothes that cater to your body type. Not all men look good in V-necks. Some men can have a more muscular appearance in long-sleeve shirts that are tight around the shoulders. Other men can look slimmer in black clothing. Go out and try on different types of clothing. You can also try seeking out a woman in the store and ask her opinion. The way you dress can increase the amount of attention you receive from women on a daily basis.

Buy shoes that make you taller. A woman will hardly ever dismiss a man because he is too tall. But shorter men have ways to make themselves appear taller. Shorter men can add a few extra inches with a pair of shoes that have a heel. They can also add some cushion inserts to gain even a little more height. The taller you stand, the more confident you will be. 

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