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Emergency Email Response

Do you have an urgent need for my advice or coaching?

For $35, you can email me one (1) question along with 650 words or less of supporting information. I will then send you one (1) email response back with my advice, tips or answer within 24-48 hours or your payment. Again, all emails should be 650 words or less.

Be sure your include in your email: your question along with any supporting background information or details. If after 3 days you haven’t received your answer, please check your spam folder. I may also include you question in a future article or video. If so, I will do so anonymously. If you do not wish me to use your question in a video or article, please let me know in your email.


  1. Click the “Buy Now” button below
  2. Make your payment – if payment is successful then proceed to step 3
  3. Send your question (from the email address linked to your PayPal account) to
  4. Check you email & spam box in 2-3 days for your answer.
  5. If you have checked your email inbox and spam box and after 3 days there is still not reply – email us at

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Submit Emergency Confidence Coaching Call
James Greenier offers you the opportunity to have a speedy, emergency response for your confidence with women questions.