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Do you find it difficult to meet, date and build strong relationships with today's "Modern Woman?"

If so, you will be glad you found - Confidence With Women!

A lot of great men loose their self confidence following a painful divorce or sudden break up. This is especially true if it is later discovered that their former lover was unfaithful during the relationship or marriage.

About 55% to 60% of the guys that I coach grew up without a full time father who would have taught them how to be the strong, confident man that women lust after. Unfortunately, most of my clients grew up with an overbearing mother who hated men due an abusive husband, a bitter divorce or an unplanned pregnancy. As children, most of these guys tell me that they became the object of their mother's angst and frustration resulting them learning to become submissive, more feminine or "Beta Male" like in order to gain their mother's approval.

Today's "Modern Woman" is also a product of abuse during childhood. Women are taught at an early age to distrust and disrespect men. They are taught to be selfish, strong and independent. You can find examples of this learned behavior by simply flipping through the channels on your television.

In other words, most men are trained to become submissive to women in order to earn a woman's approval. Sadly, most men do not even realize this behavior is EXACTLY what women find UNATTRACTIVE! As a result, men and women have almost completely lost their ability to connect emotionally, love fully and to trust one another completely.

This website is dedicated to helping you understand what qualities and actions are attractive to today's "Modern Woman." Since attraction is not a choice for a woman, we will rebuild your understanding of creating attraction, eliminate your "approval seeking" behaviors and teach you how to have confidence with women. Since CONFIDENCE is the #1 quality women look for in a man, this material along with my coaching services will bring you significant success in your love life.

My #1 tip is - "Always be a student." Never stop learning. Study the material constantly so that you develop your confidence naturally and habitually.

Be sure to buy the book and read it at least 12 times in order to fully absorb the material. Be sure to schedule a coaching call or coaching email with me. You will need a more personalized understanding and application of the material.

Become a student, then a master and enjoy your transformation in to the man your were born to be.

All The Best,

James Greenier
Confidence & Dating Coach

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